The advantages of the fish killing machine, scales to go to the head to dirty integration

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Fish killing machine compared to artificial shark, the advantage is really too big!

We have made a few comparisons, hoping to help you in your choice



The biggest role of the fish killing machine is that the mechanization speed is very fast, very accurate, no matter the rain, the fish can do the head to dirty, a variety of cutting, and then let the slicer cut into fish fillets, convenient and fast.



Artificial killing of fish requires not only the use of knives, but also the careful use of fish's scaly spines to cut off wounds. If the wound is not carefully infected or invaded by bacteria, it is not only a challenge to the safety of food, but also harmful to the body of customers. Because the worker IS injured, TO ONESELF NOT ONLY HAVE a FEVER INFECTION CONCERN, but also CAN cause HARM to customers and people, finally to the boss is also a kind of damage, comprehensive consideration, the gain outweighs the loss! But with the fish killing machine, these concerns will be eliminated, because the process of using just put the fish in, remove the head, remove the dirt, remove the bone and scale, all can be done quickly



As a mechanical equipment, the most stable thing is that the size can be adjusted according to the size of fish. The size of fish slicer is uniform, and the meat segments and slices are basically the same size. Do food and beverage generally know that the shape and size of fish is very affect the taste, large not cooked, small cooked, or large cooked, small rotten, these situations are there, so manual repetition, machine can do it, so that it can be completed efficiently, but also to ensure quality and quantity.

As you can see, the five mackerel are all cut in about five seconds, and the size, shape, and finally the taste and taste are very stable


The operation is simple

Artificial killing of fish after cleaning, to the head to scale, to dirty skin, slice, very tedious, time-consuming! The machine generally only takes ten seconds to kill the fish, slice evenly, taste mellow, taste delicious, the biggest guarantee of the fish delicious

In fact, the fish killing machine is to improve the output, improve the quality, sometimes manual can not do, the machine can do. If the work is heavy and repetitive at your place, you may consider consulting us -- welcome to inquire

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