How to operate the meat slicer better?

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Meat slicer is meat processing machinery needed in meat joint factory and central kitchen. Because of its simple shape, compact structure durable, so by the majority of customers hot hold. Meat slicer is suitable for cutting fresh meat and cooked meat and other products, so how to operate the meat slicer will have a better effect?

First of all, clean the fresh meat, and cut a piece of meat into suitable for the meat cutter inlet size and height of moderate meat; Before starting the equipment, clean the oil in the machine with clean water, and check whether the knife set is installed as required. Then start the meat cutter, put the cut meat flat into the blanking mouth, so that it can be cut into pieces of meat, the meat has been cut and then transverse cut again, can be into shreds, many times can be cut into meat.

Therefore, the meat cutter can save a lot of time in the food processing plant, central kitchen, restaurant, restaurant, canteen, meat processing yard and other industries.

What are the requirements for using a meat slicer? Let's take you through it.

1. When operating the equipment, the operator of the meat slicer can only operate after the operator of the meat slicer has been trained on the job when operating the equipment. If there is a lack of safety protection equipment or device, the professional maintenance personnel should be informed in time.

2. In the process of operation, do not leave any dangerous items around the equipment. When placing the meat slicer equipment, the bottom of the meat slicer should contact the ground to avoid bad consequences.

3. Turn off the power supply when not in use for a long time to prevent dangerous accidents of leakage and shock.

4. During the operation of the meat cutter, other parts of the machine should not be touched at will. The provisions and requirements of maintenance should be complied with.

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